Thursday, September 25, 2008

East of Eden: Finished

Whew, that took a while. Considering it takes me an average of three days to read a book, this one was huge! It took me a week and 2 days to finish. I really liked it. As I have to write a paper on it I'm not going to share my entire analysis on it until I turn in the paper so I don't get accused for plagarizing because my English teacher may have checked up on the internet and found this. Wouldn't that be wierd?

It is supposed to be a book about the struggle of good/evil and Cain and Abel and the Garden of Eden. I found it to be a wonderful story of the battle between love and hate, and how everyone strives to be loved. Every human action can be traced back to wanting to belong and to be loved. Cal and Aron struggled for the love and attention of their father and Abra as their father hand his brother struggled for the love of their father.

Cal tried to trace his battle between good and evil to his genetics and how his mother was not a good person. I personally believe it doesn't have anything to do with that, but it seemed like Steinbeck was trying to show that the struggle to be loved goes across all generations and families due to Adam and Charles' struggle for their father's love and Cal and Aron's struggle for Adam's love and even when Abra wished for Lee to be her father because her father wasn't the person she wanted him to be.

If that isn't enough deep stuff for you, there is the ordeal of Aron making up who he wanted Abra to be in his mind then hoping it would actually turn out that way. It made me think whether parents do this subconsciously to their children and whatnot.

If you are in for a book that will make you think, go for it! This is going on my list of favorite books, so obviously it is a 5/5 :)