Monday, May 4, 2009

Review: My Little Red Book

In our society where PG-13 TV is on at all hours for kids to watch and we are so open about PG-13 matters, why aren't women as open about their special monthly gift? This collection of short essays(very short, I'm talking one or two pages) confronts this issue. The stories of first periods range from teenagers today, teenagers from the 60s, and grandmothers. There are stories from women and girls living in many different cultures.
This is a light read, but fascinating. The topics introduced in this book would be a very interesting thesis for someone studying sociology.
Periods are pretty much a forbidden topic. Why? I even found myself shielding the book when I read it in school. I didn't want the guy sitting next to me in English class asking what I was reading! This demonstrates exactly why the eightteen year old editor put together this book.
I think I'm becoming a feminist more and more every day...
Grade: A


Eva said...

Yay for budding feminists! :D

Unknown said...

I picked this one up yesterday, it's so funny and interesting. I had to put it down to read other ones though. :( But I shall read it soon!