Monday, January 5, 2009

Blog Improvement Project Week 1: Setting Goals

I started out this blog a few months ago just to post my impressions of books I read so I could go back and remember. I have read many books in my time on the Earth, but I only remember the really good ones. I wanted to remember all of the books!

I still don't remember all of the books I have blogged about, but I have learned that writing (or typing) things makes it easier to remember. I still forget things, and every so often I look back at a few past posts to read past reviews and reflect on my reading progress.

In the few months I have been blogging, I think my posts have changed quite a bit. Maybe you have noticed that the past few books I have posted about have been a little bit different. I think they are better! I am actually proud of those posts.

What I didn't expect to come from this blog was a whole community of book bloggers. I didn't even know it had existed! Until Ronnica from the Book Nook Club found me in a search and posted on my blog, I didn't know. I'm glad she did because if she hadn't my blog would be very different.

With the unexpected things, I have some new goals. Every time the number of followers I have changes, I get excited. To many of you, the number I have is pitiful, but I'm happy to know that even those few still read my blog regularly. I'm still at the point that I am excited to get comments.

My goals for this year:

1. Write better reviews, not only for me to remember, but for readers to enjoy. I will focus more on why or why not you should read the book.
2. Do anything I am able to get more people reading my blog. I blogged for selfish reasons in the beginning, but now it is not just about me. I want the blog to be more than just about me. I look at book blogs where people have whole discussions through comments. I want my blog to be like that.
3. Make my posts nice-looking. I can't get someone to make the blog as a whole look pretty, but I can make every effort I can to make each post look nice. I don't post enough pictures. I've noticed that if something is broken up with pictures, I'm more likely to read it.
4. I want to find something I can do to contribute to the book blogging community. Maybe I will host a challenge next year, maybe I can donate money or books to someone else's giveaway or event. Who knows!


Ronnica said...

I'm glad I was your connection to the book blog community! And here am I, still on the outskirts.

Anonymous said...

Our goals are very similar! I think a lot of people must be feeling like we are; it's nice not to feel like the only person who wants to write better reviews or get more involved with the community.

And that's a good point about adding images to posts. I generally always add the book cover, but nothing else. It might be fun to add in some related images to a post to liven it up a bit.

- Anastasia

Eva said...

Those are some good goals! Have you considered adding a Blogroll to your blog? That's a good community-oriented thing. :) Also, you can try doing The Sunday Salon, where you write a post about what you've been reading and then visit other people who have also written posts. My TSS posts usually get more traffic, because other TSSers, who aren't regular readers, drop by.

One thing I've found that helps increase comments is asking a question at the end of your post. And my personal posts always get more comments than any other ones! :)

Anonymous said...

I love those goals! I haven't written mine yet, but I keep getting great ideas from the other Blog Improvement Project posts.

The way I've gotten more readers has been joining some community things like Weekly Geeks and Sunday Salon. I've "met" a lot of cool bloggers that way.

Thanks for participating!

Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness)

Cathy said...

You've set some very good goals. Don't worry...I'm still at the stage where each new follower is exciting to me!

Louise said...

I think you have some great goals, which are also pretty similar to my own :o) And I am with Eva - it is a good idea to make a blogroll. To keep track of the blogs you follow, to get ideas, to show other bloggers what blogs you are interested in and so on. Blogger has a pre-made one which is easy to manage. I look forward to follow your progress. And I actually like the look of your blog, I used this design myself at one point. But there are many good, free templates out there to use if you want a new look. I am trying to find one myself as we speak ;o)

Beth F said...

One my goals is also to be a more active participant in the book blogging world. Like you, I had no idea that were so many wonderful people in the book-blogging community.

I'm looking forward to seeing how all of progress during the year.

Sherrie said...

I like your goals!! I have also found putting pictures in a post breaks it up and makes it more interesting to read. Have a great week!!


Bybee said...

You've got some good goals...I should take a page from your book.

Anonymous said...

Booking through Thursday is another good way to be more involved in the book blog community.

Good luck with your goals!