Sunday, January 4, 2009

To Kindle or not to Kindle?

My mom wants one of these.

You can dowload books cheaply onto it (but the device is really expensive). Not to mention it does a whole bunch of other things, but the main function is to read books.

Oprah has one.

Now, I know that wasn't exactly relevant, but you know what happens when Oprah likes something. Everyone rushes out to buy one.

I think the Kindle is a bit odd. I don't want one. I've tried to read books off of a computer screen and it wasn't fun. My dad's words are right. There's just something about turning a page. I like seeing how much I have progressed on reading a book.

If you download books onto the Kindle, you only have them in that format. Your bookshelf books will become lonely. Just as turning the page is satisfying, so is seeing all the books on your bookshelf.

You can't carry around a book in your purse, or like me, on top of a stack of schoolbooks through the hall. No one will see your book and comment on it, leading to some interesting conversation. The conversation will be about the technology of the Kindle. Kindle sharing will be like having a friend say "Let me see your phone" so they can see what features you have that they don't.

The one cool thing about the Kindle is that you can download a book from anywhere. If you are bored sitting in an airport, download something on your TBR list!

But still, I'd rather pack too many books in my carry-on!

What do you think about the whole Kindle thing?


Anonymous said...

Nope, not gonna do it. :-)
I'm with you...reading books off of a computer screen is not fun.

Michele said...

You know, I haven't made up my mind about the Kindle. As much as I like the idea, it could never replace my books. Ever! The very presence of books on my shelves is comforting to me. It would feel cold and stark in my house without book piled everywhere!

Eva said...

I'm still using my high school discman instead of an ipod, so you can guess what my answer'll be. ;) Plus, it's $10 to download a book to the Kindle, which isn't that much cheaper than a trade paperback!!! I agree with all of your reasons for now wanting it. :)

Unknown said...

I wouldn't buy one. I like reading ebooks but I would much rather read them on my ipod touch where it's soo much cheaper or just reading actual books.
I have a ton of ebooks that I "carry" around with me on my ipod and it really comes in handy whenever I'm bored and don't have all my books around or when I'm continuing a book I had to leave at home. That's why I'm a fan of ebooks, but kindle..not so much.

Ronnica said...

I don't like reading on the screen, but the main reason it's a strain on your eyes is because it doesn't move. A Kindle would move. That said, I don't think I'll be getting a kindle. Someday, maybe, when such technology is commonplace, but not yet.

Literature Crazy said...

Well, from the people that I've talked to that have one, it's not really like reading off a computer screen (the backlighting gives it a different feel and it doesn't strain your eyes as much). That being said, I like to really interact with my books (write in them, mark great quotes, etc.) and I like to loan fabulous books out and I can't do that with a Kindle.

Plus, you're right about the bookshelf thing, I see the books themselves (when I'm done with them) like a little line of artsy-looking trophies, and you lose that with the Kindle.

My big pro for it is that it's more environmentally friendly than paper-based books (and that eventually everything will migrate to that). I bet in 20 years our kids/grandkids will be amazed that we ever even had this conversation.