Thursday, January 15, 2009

Booking Through Thursday: Songs

Don't get me wrong, I love books, but music also shares a piece of my heart. My favorite song changes daily. What is is today? "Hello" by Hawk Nelson. I go for good lyrics more than a good sound, although it does help a lot.

I mainly listen to punk/pop/rock Christian music. I listen to Switchfoot, Stellar Kart, Relient K, Everyday Sunday, Starfield, Lifehouse...

Oh, yeah. I hate it when girls sing. It's always too whiney.

Instead of posting the lyrics to some of my favorite songs of all time, I'm just going to put some snippets of songs that are on my mind right now. I never really like it when people post the lyrics to entire songs and expect everyone to like to read them!

"I'm overdressed for success/In a world that has no shame/I've had enough of seeing love/Being played like some game/I know why the good old days are gone/Cause everyone just tolerates whats wrong/I'm not some empty space for rent." (Innocent, Stellar Kart)

Just like books, songs make statements about society. I love the statement "Innocent" makes. Sometimes I feel like the only 17 year old girl who isn't dressing innapropriately and going from guy to guy.

"I turn into the world's worst Romeo, everytime I try to say Hello." (Hello, Hawk Nelson)

I love Hello because the tune is really cute and catchy, but also because it has some lyrics in French and is kind of funny.

Then there's those songs that are just these anthems of how great God is, like this one.

"I'll stand, with arms high and heart abandoned, in awe of the One who gave it all..." (The Stand, Hillsong).

...or the ones that make me think. It's tempting to post this whole song, but I won't!

"To label me a prodigal would be only scratching on the surface of what I've been known to be." (Undo, Rush of Fools)


"I know sometimes it's hard to find the strength to turn the page, when all of our tomorrows look like used up yesterdays." (One Little Miracle, Hawk Nelson)

One time I heard at a concert something like this:

With secular music, all you can say it "I love you," "I hate you," "Go away," or "Come back."

With the music I listen to, it says much more than that. Even the secular songs I listen to I interpret differently. If I don't feel any different after hearing a song, it is useless to me.

Just like with books.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you must really love Alanis Morisette about whiny!

I'm afraid I don't know any of the bands on your list!