Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Salon: I took the weekend off!

Since reading isn't too much fun right now because I'm reading The Fountainhead and Wuthering Heights and about to start Jane Eyre, I took this weekend off. I'm a little behind on my school reading, but I devoted this weekend to some light reading.

I finished three books, all of which are quick reads. Now I've read so much this weekend that reading anything right now makes me nauseaus! Still, life has to go on. I start catching up on The Fountainhead tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to it...

Since I'm not going to prom, I'm living it through books. Prom by Laurie Halse Anderson made me happy that I'm not going to prom because this prom experience was a nightmare. A few weeks before prom, a teacher steals all of the money and it goes downhill from there. I thought out prom on a crowded boat was going to be horrible. It will be, but this one definitely was worse! The high school in the book reminded me a lot of my own as well!

This was one of the freebies I got from my church library. The concept of the book was interesting, using the Titanic disaster as a metaphor of today's church. The book was kind of boring though. No wonder only one person signed it out.

Ok, I'll admit it. The SASS series is my guilty pleasure. How bad can it get? All of these books follow the same storyline. Girl goes to foreign country to get away from situation at home and wastes most of her time in the country until she has a great realization a week before she goes back home. She apologizes to everyone, kisses the boy that she was ignoring, and wins some award.

But I love them!