Thursday, April 16, 2009

Read-A-Thon Checklist

I stole Debi's idea of a readathon checklist.

1. Clean bedroom to make my readathon experience seem like I'm reading in a bedroom, not a junkyard.

2. Assemble readathon stack that is too large.

3. Order more books from the library to add to the already huge stack but tell yourself more variety is a good thing.

4. Study for Psychology test on Monday so I won't have to read more after the's skip that one.

5. Make a template for posting.

6. Write mini-challenge post.

7. Make all the phone calls and do all the homework that will be nagging me me during the readathon if I don't do them...

8. Make it so I don’t have to approve comments (for the mini challenge)

9. Tell sister and brother not to gobble all the muffins so I can have one for breakfast

10. Set alarm for a few minutes before 8 AM

11. Begin reading a readathon book so I will finish a book early on and feel accomplished

12. Borrow movies from a friend to watch the next day because I won’t feel like reading

13. Check weather forecast to see if it will be nice enough to read outside (it will)

14. Pick up the two extra library books I ordered

15. Make tuna salad and gingerbread coffee

16. Cross fingers hoping that the neighbors won't burn stuff outside so I will be able to read outside in the nice weather without smelling smoke all day. (Sheesh...we live in the suburbs of Pittsbugh, not in the middle of West Virginia)


Anonymous said...

Love it! Great list.

Stacy said...

This is my first read-a-thon and a lot of these tips will be helpful to turning off comment moderation and making a template. Thanks and happy reading.