Friday, April 17, 2009

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Movie and Books

I broke my own rule of not watching movies based on books. I actually planned on this one, though.

I watched the first movie before I read the books, and I recently read the whole series. Today I watched the second movie. I really wish I hadn't.

I came up with TWENTY TWO major differences between the second movie and the fourth book, which is what the second movie is supposed to be based off of. I told myself that the second movie wouldn't be really horrible unless they tried to mesh all the books together or completely forgot about all the stuff that happened between the two movies. I found a comination of these two factors happened.

If you're picky about spoilers, don't read the next part.

Here's my list of the differences. There is probably more, too.

1. Carmen is not present at the pants meeting at the beginning of the book. She is at her acting thingy. But, in the book she is there.

2. Contrary to what the movie leads us to believe, Lena has had plenty of experience drawing nude figures.

3. Leo is not a model in the book as he is in the movie.

4. Lena and Leo never model for each other in the movie. This is a major thing in the book.

5. Tibby's dorm room is supposed to be really really tiny in the book.

6. Ian does not convince Carmen to audition for the play in the book. Some lady (I forget her name) does.

7. In the book, Bridget does not fall into the room thing at he archaeological dig.

8. Leo lives with his mother in the book.

9. Leo asks what Lena's parents think of her in art school. She says they want what is best for her. In the book, her parents hate it.

10. Bridget does not leave Turkey early to visit Greta in Alabama in the book!!! In fact, Turkey and Alabama are covered in two different books!

11. Bridget does not tell Great right away that she is her granddaughter in the book. She works for her for a while. Greta knows Bridget is her granddaughter but lets her go that way for a while.

12. In the movie, Greta asks Bridget is she has "a fella." Bridget says no, but in the book she is very involved with Eric.

13. Bridget has a twin brother who is never mentioned in either of the movies.

14. In the book, Bridget is very upset about how her brother and father don't really try to have a life. She tries to fix it in the book. This never happens in the movie.

15. Julia never tries to sabotage Carmen in the movie by "helping" her with her lines. Instead, she tries to go out with Ian to hurt Carmen in the movie.

16. Carmen goes with Ian to find her stepdad while her mother is in labor in the book. In the movie, she stays in dress rehearsal.

17. Tibby is supposed to be very emotionally involved in Carmen's mom's labor in the book. There is very little of this in the movie.

18. Bridget falls for a married man in Turkey in the book. Not in the movie...

19. Everyone goes to Greece together in the book. In the movie, Lena goes first and the rest of the girls go to surprise her.

20. The girls don't try to get Lena and Kostos together again in the book.

21. Lena is VERY serious (you know what I mean...) with Leo in the book, but not in the movie!

22. Bridget is also very serious with Eric in the book in the same way.

These are not all just excusable differences. I know for movies, some changes must be made, but these changes were horrendous. The movie rushed through everything, lacked emotion in general, and basically just was a waste of time.

This is really frustrating. You don't mess with plot like that. Do the movie people think their version is better than the original version? How do they let this movie have the same name as the books? It is VERY loosely based off the books.

So much happened off of camera as well. if you hadn't read the books, you would be very confused the whole time.

Save yourself the aggravation. Don't watch this movie unless you have very good anger management skills.


Unknown said...

I hate when that happens! But, I try to just take the book as its own thing and the movie as its own thing. I definitely prefer books over the movie anytime!