Saturday, April 18, 2009

Read-a-Thon Hour 3

This Hour:

Pages read-24

Minutes read-23

Books read from & pages from each-
Roll of Tunder, hear My cry: 24

Cheerleading comments left- 10

Mini-challenge participation-n/a

Books completed-0

Food eaten- Honey wheat bagel and coffee

Reading locations-kitchen table and the chair in my room

I've decided that the next hour will be a full reading hour. I've been Cheerleading and blogging for the first part of the hour then reading, but I'm not getting much done of either by doing this. I will only read during Hour 4 but will only do blogging things during hour 5. This will be appropriate because Hour 5 is when my mini-challenge begins. During hour 4, I may do the current mini-challenge too...

I'm enjoying Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. In seventh grade, I went through a Mildred Taylor phase. I read something of hers for school and everything I wrote for two months after resembled the style that she writes. I never read this book. I wanted to read more Newberry Books, so this one satisfies a lot of things I've been shooting for! I'm about halfway done.

The weather is GORGEOUS but it is still a bit chilly for me. I am always cold! Most of the windows in the house are open.


Anonymous said...

Changing it up sounds like a good plan; hopefully it will help you feel more accomplished.