Friday, November 14, 2008


Last night, I sat down to do some homework on the computer. I dug around in my purse to find my flash drive (or rip drive or thumb drive or scan disk or whatever you call it) and it wasn't there.

I realized I left it plugged into one of the computers in a classroom. Usually when this happens, the teacher finds it and keeps it safe.

I go into the class today and my little grey and black friend is nowhere to be found.

My teacher tells me that there is a study hall the next period and to maybe ask around there. Since I have a class that period, I wrote a note to the teacher asking for him to see if any of the kids took it.

I come back to the classroom the next period and my flash drive is there! I was so happy. All of my stuff for the paper is there, my book list, and most of the 10 page paper I have to turn in next week.

I plug it into the computer at home today and all that is on the thing is a whole bunch of odd pictures...of cats. Someone went on my drive, deleted everything, and put pictures of cats on it.

My uncle is a computer dude, so he's going to try to retrieve something. Right now, if I could choose one document it would be my 10 page English paper. Then, my four pages of journals I have to turn in for Hamlet, and then my book lists.

I'm glad I have in the sidebar of my blog what books I've read this year, because otherwise I wouldn't have a completely accurate number. But, my TBR list is gone, my wishlist is gone, and what books I am going to get from the library next.

I'm really upset about the English paper. I'm not a very good creative writer and I have to write a short story. When I have an idea, I have to write it down immediately because when I first get an idea is when it is at its best. This short story was REALlY good. I don't think I'll be able to re-write it at the same quality level. The Hamlet journals will be a pain and a drag to do over again, but basically all the schoolwork I have done in the past two weeks has gone POOF.

Instead of spending most of the weekend filling out college paperwork, I have to redo my high school homework...ugh...

Ok. I'm done ranting!


Michele said...

Oh my gosh --- I am sooooo sorry this happened to you! I truly feel for you here. I remember how difficult it was for me to churn out a 10-page paper in was so much work and time.

How sad that someone would do that. The least they could have done is saved all your stuff and then added the cat pics for fun.

Hang in there....this, too, shall pass.

Debi said...

Oh my goodness, that is just devastating!!! I am so very sorry! I hope you manage get all your work redone, though it truly seems unfair that you have to redo it to start with. Good luck!

Ronnica said...

Yuck! I hope you were able to get everything back. For safe keeping, I email myself documents that are finished or that I'm working on, so that there is not only a copy in my computer, but somewhere out there, too.