Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekly Geeks #24

I forgot to do last week's weekly geeks...

So, I'll just move along and do this week's.
I did one fact on whatever authors came to mind first. The intention was for one author to be a whole post, but I'm sure nobody minds :P

John Steinbeck lived in a really pretty house.

Khaled Hosseini says he was very influenced as a wrtier by John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath.

Many of Lewis Carroll's works are in the genre of literary nonsense. There is such a genre? Wow, now if I could put on paper much of the stuff that comes out of my brother's mouth, I could be really successful...

James Frey graduated from the same college my childhood playmate who lived up the street is currently attending.

I found this quote by Louis Sachar interesting: " personal experiences are kind of boring. I have to make up what I put in my books." (wow, I just realized I have never read Holes. Should I put this on my TBR list?)

One parent counted the usage of profanity in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye and found 237 appearances of the word "goddam", 58 "bastard"s, 31 "Chrissakes," and 6 "fucks".


Anonymous said...

Haha, random facts about different authors is good enough for me!
I was surprised by the amount of curses in Catcher in the Rye, until I realized my mouth is equally foul. I was then ashamed of myself XD.

Btw, is your blog title a Gilmore Girls reference by any chance?

Maree said...

I love the last one _ why would anyone bother?
Great facts. :)

Sarah said...

yep, its from Gilmore Girls. I forget which episode though. All I need to be happy is a books, Gilmore Girls, and my youth group :P

Debi said...

Oh my, but that house is gorgeous! And yes, you should read Holes--it's quite enjoyable. And finally, that parent sure has a lot more free time on his/her hands than this here parent does. :)

Chrisbookarama said...

That's a great idea! Love the facts.

I'm a big fan of the Gilmore Girls too :)