Thursday, November 6, 2008

Booking Through Thursday: Presents

Well, considering I never buy books, I own many of the books I do because of presents.

Last Christmas, I didn't get the big Christmas gifts I usually do. I only asked for money since I had to raise about $1000 for a missions trip to mexico with Caring Hearts ( My relatives made sure I had some little thing to open, though.

My dad's mom gave me an opal bracelet she found on sale at Macy's (I love opals the same way normal girls like diamonds. I don't think I would even want my engagement/wedding ring to be a diamond) and some personalized stationery. My mom's mom gave me two books, (and probably something else but I don't remember) To Kill A Mockingbird and Romeo and Juliet. They weren't in hardcover or a special edition or anything, but I was really grateful for them. It was just the beginning of my new stage of book reading, and these two were my two favorite books at the time.

While I'm thinking about it, here are some pictures from my mission trip to San Luis, Mexico this June:
Some of us dancing to Vida by DC Reto in the church.
(It took me two hours to learn just the steps to the chorus, so I am obviously not in this picture!)

The school that we painted all week. The community gave us a fantastic thank you lunch!

The dump, where we spent an afternoon ministering
(The only time we saw clouds in Mexico was the morning we went home!)

This human video to Lifehouse's Everything not only changed my life earlier this year but also helped change lives in Mexico!

(You can see a version of it here. It does start off slow, but it is really worth it!


SmilingSally said...

The mission trip was the highlight of your life, I'm sure. Happy Booking Through Thursday. I’m giving away a couple of books. See my sidebar if you’re interested.