Saturday, November 29, 2008

Books on Vacation

I've had a lot of interesting revelations about books the past five days I spent on vacation.

I've been in four different airports, two countries, three islands, four planes, and one huge cruise ship.

Other than water and sand, the thing I saw most was people reading!

Usually I am labelled as a freak since I read willingly. Even more so, I am seventeen and I read. It surprised me to find people of all ages reading a variety of books on this trip. I wondered if these people were just reading because they were travelling or do it all the time. Another theory of mine is that people from countries other than the US read more. I can't even tell you how many people with different accents I cam across on this trip.

Either way, it was refreshing to see people reading!

Even better, I saw kids my own age readin on the beach and the airport. Mostly, it was the Twilight books. Even adults were reading them! First it was Harry Potter that got people of all ages to read, and now it is Twilight. I haven't read either series, but I tried to read HP and failed. I am going to read the Twilight series though!

The girl in front of me on one of the planes I was on was reading Anna Karenina. She wasn't more than four years older than me. It was a nice copy too, which probably means she wasn't reading it for school.

Most of the time I spent reading was trying to finish Memoirs of a Geisha. I didn't get to read much, but I am enjoing it immensely. Expect a review in the next couple of days! I need to get back in the swing of things now. I loved this vacation more than any other one and I really did not want to leave. We got back around 5:30 last night and I haven't unpacked yet. I haven't even thought about doing anything I need to get on that....


Michele said...

I was sitting next to a young man on the plane from Vegas to Seattle last night and he was reading Atlas Shrugged.

I thought that was pretty cool.

Glad you had a nice vacation!

Ronnica said...

Of course I'm a reader, so I read all the time. But this post made me realize that I no longer have to split my time on trips between reading for school and reading for pleasure. I only have to read for pleasure now! (I'm graduating this week!)