Monday, November 17, 2008

Flash Drive woes...part 2

My uncle was able to save 2 documents of minimal importance.

So, now what to do about my lost book lists?

I have a hard copy that I printed of my TBR list a few months ago back when it was still one page long (two columns though). I'm going to go through that and type up only the books that I remember wanting to read.

Instead of listing just the titles, I will list the author and what date I added it to the list, and whether I have to order it from the library or just pick it up.

If I read about the book on a blog, I will also put on the list whose blog it was.

I will otherwise have to start from square one.

I haven't really been reading much this month. After last month, this was expected since last month was my best reading month of the year. Plus, now I have to redo a whole bunch of school work to turn in on Friday that I spent the last two weeks doing. Then, next week I am going on vacation. November is so crazy!