Monday, December 22, 2008

As I Have Loved You by Nikki Arana

(Summary from "Leigh Scott is a single mom who just wants the best for her only son, Jeff: a college degree and a good job. But when he starts seeing Jessica, a young woman with a troubled past and a questionable future, Leigh envisions all her best-laid plans going up in smoke. As Jeff spends more and more time with Jessica, Leigh sees her fears realized in Jeff's dropping grades and bad choices. To top it off, Leigh finds her relationships with her parents, her brother, and a long-lost old flame getting more complicated. Will Leigh get through to her son in time? Or is there more to Jessica than meets the eye? This many-layered, emotional family saga will captivate readers as it shows them the peril of judgment, the need for forgiveness, and the gift of love. "

As I have Loved You is definitely multilayers, but not complicated. each layer or this story has something to do with the other. Everything connects during the story and just doesn't fall into place at the end. It teaches many lessons throughout so that every reader will be able to take something away from reading the book.

As I Have Loved You came to me by surprise. A friend gave it to me for a Christmas present. I was expecting lotion or a candle or something! What makes the book so special to me is what my friend wrote in the cover for me. I started reading with high expectations and was not disappointed.

Grade: A


Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed the book. It was inspired by a true story!

Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Michele said...

I love it when friends or a family member writes an inscription inside a gift book. It makes it so special!