Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hope in Bookland

I'm nearing the end of my college search. Two things that were keeping me from going ahead with a certain college were 1. There isn't any obvious religious activities at the tiny school and 2. The library is tiny, and there is no town library. What am I going to do for books?

My dad pointed out with a journalism major and a french minor, I wouldn't have time to read. I hope to read even a little bit, and I'm sure the campus library won't suffice. I've seen it twice and I hate it. I did some research on the internet of libraries nearby and nothing came up that was close.

We had a formal visit today and my belief that the college is perfect was confirmed again, except for the aforementioned areas, but one was fixed today!

There are two libraries within a 15 minute drive from school (freshman can have cars). They are both part of a larger system, so I can order books like I do now from my great big library. The best part is that the closer library is part of a bigger system than the other.

This school is situated in the panhandle of West Virginia, so I have access to libraries from three states if I chose, but it isn't exactly a short trip.

Now that the book thing is sorted out, the only problem with the college is its religious activities. I'm still trying to work on that!


Ronnica said...

If the college library participates in Interlibrary loan (most do), then you can have access to any book you want.