Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pomegranate Soup by Marsha Mehran

Pomegranate Soup is about three sisters from Iran who now live in Ireland. they escaped just as Iran was entering political turmoil. They settled in a small town in Ireland and opened up the Babylon Cafe in an ond Italian pastry shop.

The book is full of quirky characters, good food, past hurts, jealousy, and teenage romance. Pomegranate Soup mostly focuses on the everyday trials of the three sisters rather than focusing on one major event like many books do.

Each chapter is named after a food that is served in the restaurant. The food is incorporated into the chapter, the most important food being the novel's namesake, pomegranate soup.

One thing I did not like about Pomegranate Soup is how the plot developed. Mehran waited until far into the book to thicken the plot. As a result, I was not satisfied with the ending. It seemed rushed.

Rating: B


Michele said...

I love the title and the cover art on this one. Where did you find it?

Sarah said...

I borrowed this version of the book from the library. I found out about the book because Rory's Book Club is using it for this month's discussion.