Friday, December 19, 2008

Flash Drive, part deux, the final chapter

Remember how everything got deleted off of my flash drive? Well, after that I got a password protected flash drive. It worked fine.

Until it decided that the password that I have typed in a hundred times before is wrong.
I didn't lose much, but my second generation book list is out of my reach.

I've kind of lost the will to read. After I finish the stack of books I have right now, what else will I read? I don't want to redo my whole list for the third time!

I've decided to stop using these stupid things altogether. If I decide to have a book list again, I'll keep a hard copy of it. It will never be electronically saved.


Ronnica said...

May sound silly, but email is a great way to store electronic documents. I've not lost a thing. Once I have something important, I simly email it to myself (I use yahoo). I can use the search feature to find anything I need.

I do think that keeping a hard copy is a good idea. My to-read list is hard-copy only, in my reading/writing journal.