Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Guess who needs bookish advice again?

I got my senior project assignment today. I knew it was coming. I really did. I just was in denial.

I found a way this year to make this ordeal somewhat enjoyable. This is my last "you won't graduate if you don't do this" project of high school, so I'm going to take it easy.

The only thing I am revealing to you is that my paper is going to be on the sexism of chick lit. (I am not a feminist, but I can pretend to be for a 12 page paper.) My only problem is that I have 3 chick lit books in mind to use in the paper. I need your help. Since this paper is generalizing the entire genre, I need a better sampling.

What are some of the best chick lits of all time? I don't necessarily want it to obviously demonstrate sexism, so don't think about that. I just need some chick lit books that have been wildely read.

Of course, I am doing some of my own research! Don't worry. I just need some good information from people who are qualified...bookish people!

On my list so far are Twilight, Bridget Jones' Diary, and possibly Dating daVinci. I'm reading it now and I'm already seeing some potential.


Ronnica said...

Oh, Frankenstein is so worth it, though! It's admittedly slow to begin with as it's a story within a story, but the picture of man it gives is so right on! Plus Shelley was a teenager when she wrote it which fascinates me.