Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bloomability by Sharon Creech

I was a Sharon Creech fanatic when I was younger. I read every book of hers that they had at the library at least three times. It all started when we had to read Walk Two Moons for school in fifth grade.

I think I've read Walk Two Moons at least six times, but my favorite was Chasing Redbird. It's about a girl who goes out on her own into her woods for weeks uncovering a really old trail.

Most of Creech's books mentions another character from one of her other books, from Absolutely Normal Chaos and Walk Two Moons in Particular. I was deighted to see that the girl from Chasing Redbird was mentioned in Bloomability!

I had this book on my shelf ready to give away but my books still have not come into the library, so I needed something to read. I can now say my Sharon Creech experince is complete!

Like many of Creech's protaonists, one main struggle in the book is for Domenica (Dinnie) to find where she belongs. Her family switches locations very frequently and her older brother is in jail and her older sister got married and pregnant at sixteen. Her aunt and uncle take her in.

Her uncle got a job as the headmaster of a boarding school in Switzerland, which is where the story takes place. I loved this book because it takes place in Europe. Every time I read something like this it makes me want to visit Europe even more.

Although not Creech's best work, it's a cute read. If you haven't read anything by Sharon Creech, you definitely should!