Thursday, October 30, 2008

Book hodgepodge

For those of you who are Early Reviewers at Librarything, there is something you need to do.

Right now.

There are 2500 free downloads of the book In the Land of Invisible Women. It is a memoir of a female doctor in Saudi Arabia. It is really good and super interesting! This is my first book reading on a screen. It is going slower than usual, but I am enjoying the book immensely.

If you haven't signed up for Early Reviewers, now is a good time to sign up!

I'm now in the middle of three books right now. The only book I can get into is The Land of Invisible Women, and I can't carry that around with me since it is stuck on the computer.

I'm reading Cell by Stephen King and it is supposed to be all scary and horrible, but I think it's funny instead. It isn't suspenseful at all. I really need to crack down and try to read a chunk of it to see if it gets better. I'm going to be out of town having a blast this weekend, but that doesn't include books.

I'm also trying to read Anne of Green Gables. Its not going well either.