Monday, October 6, 2008

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

For this review, I am going to use some of Dewey's Book Review Questionaire.

Fiction or non-fiction? Genre? Fiction, historical
What led you to pick up this book? A lot of people have read it in Rory's Book Club
Plot summary: Liesel lives with her foster parents near Munich Germany. Once she learns to read, she steals books to satisfy her habit and reads to other people as well, such as her neighbors during raids and the Jewish man her family is hiding.
What did you like most about the book? It's simplicity. It didn't have a whole bunch of subplots and flowery language. It was blunt.
What did you like least? It' s not very unified. It jumps around and sometimes things don't seem to have to do anything with each other.
What did you think of the writing style? I found it to be very appealing. It is a long book, but an easy read because it is so simple.
Have you read any other books by this author? What did you think of those books? No, I haven't. I am going to see what his other book is about thoug.
What did you think of the main character?The funny thing is that my Aunt's name is Liesel. It's a pretty unusual name. I couldn't help but think of her throughout the novel! Liesel seemed to me to be portrayed as pretty pathetic, like you were supposed to cry every time something bad happened to her.
What effect do the people in the book have on one another? They all know each other and influence each other. The characters are very well developed! I could picture writing this book in another format, like different points of view.
Any other particularly interesting characters? I just loved Hans!
Share a favorite scene from the book: Whenever Hans and Liesel would meet late at night to read after her nightmares.
What did you think of the ending?: I think it just kind of stopped. Although it did give a teeny bit of closure, I didn't like it. SPOILER: It's like the author kills everyone and then ends the book. I don't call that an ending.
Do you recommend this book? If you use a rating system, what’s your rating? I would reccoment it. I didn't find it as good as other people have, but it is still a good read. 3.5 / 5

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