Saturday, October 18, 2008

Read-a-Thon Hour 7

I'm going to stop timing my blogging. Really, it's not a blog-a-thon. It's a read a thon.

Yeah, I'm getting a little grumpy.

Time spent:
Reading: 23 minutes

Between the covers:--Number of pages: 48 pages
What I read: Alice in Wonderland
Down the hatch:--I licked the beater of pumpkin glob batter and am eating animal crackers

Reading: 219 minutes
Other (pet care, cooking, etc.): 50 minutes
Between the covers:--Number of pages: 235 pages--

What I've read: Finished of Mice and Men and one short story
Total Mini-Challenges: 3
Audio Book minutes: 18

I'm one chapter away from finishing Alice in Wonderland! I don't think I'll read Through the Looking Glass right away. I'm kind of tired of Alice. The Lost Lady is realy boring me right now, so my only hope is The Old Man and the Sea. We'll SEA how it goes.

Oh my. I'm glad I'm not staying up for the whole thing...

On that note, I'm over halfway done!


Anonymous said...

hehehe cute ..and GOOD WORK!

:) I guess... ALice can be a lil boring... esp when she is dreaming all the time... kinda get tired of dreams and want sme action... ok lemme stop blabbering... and u can go on read more n more more more!

have fun too!

trish said...

Yeah, blogging, cheering, participating in the mini-challenges could take up your whole reading time! I'll be interested in what you think of The Old Man and the Sea.