Sunday, October 19, 2008

Read-a-Thon in Review

Reading: 354 minutes
Other: 120 minutes
Number of pages: 417 pages
What I've read: Finished of Mice and Men, one short story, Alice in Wonderland, The Old Man and the Sea
Total Mini-Challenges: 4
Audio Book minutes: 18

I could have finished Through the Looking Glass last night if I really tried but then I relized I couldn't understand a word of it. Yes, ten minuted into my last hour I shouted at my brother, "I don't know the meaning of THE any more!"

What a surprise when I came on after church today and found 8 comments waiting to be moderated!

As I promised, I am going to discuss what I would do differently next time.

I'd pick easier, more fun books. I picked 2 classic kid's lit, 2 literature, and one short story book. It took me so long to read each book because they were boring. I had a lot of fun seeing how much I could read in a day, but it would be more fun if my reading was fun.

Next time I want to make is past the 12 hour mark. I know I am not capable of staying awake 24 hours, much less reading that whole time. If the next read-a-thon starts at 8 am for me like it did this time, my reading schedule would be something like this for 24 hours.

8-10am Classic kid's lit
10am-4pm Serious literature like what I did this time
5-8pm short stories, plays, poetry, etc.
8-12 chick lit and really suspenseful books
12-8 graphic novels, easy childrens' books, anything that will keep me awake

I think next time I will plan to have more of a variety. Probably one book per two hours I plan to read, plus some more books to have on hand.

I would definitely change positions more. I stayed most of the day in my chair in my room then I really did not want to read any more. I switched to the couch and everything was okay again, then I switched to my bed.

I don't see how people could blog every 3 hours or so. Blogging every hour kept me sane! That's one thing I will keep the same for next time.

For now, I am already thinking about what books will be for next time.

And...I'll probably finish Through the Looking Glass today. It will be great because that will only be after I put the kids I am babysitting to bed...and they tire me out!!


Debi said...

Congrats! You ended up with some great totals there!

I've definitely learned in the past that for the read-a-thon just isn't the time for anything too serious. Light. Fast. Large fonts, especially in the wee hours.

Glad you had fun!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I like your idea for next time. I haven't done this yet, but I want too next's good to find what people think they would change so i know ahead of time!!