Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hour 11

Time spent:
Reading: 19 minutes
Between the covers:--Number of pages: 26
What I read: The Old Man and the Sea
Down the hatch:--honey nut breaded chicken with BBQ sauce and garlic noodle shells and water
Cumulatively:Reading: 320 minutes
Other (pet care, cooking, etc.): 120 minutes
Between the covers:--Number of pages: 383 pages--
What I've read: Finished of Mice and Men, one short story, Alice in Wonderland, The Old Man and the Sea
Total Mini-Challenges: 3
Audio Book minutes: 18

I moved all of my bedding down to my new "bedroom" in the family/computer room, so that took me a while. Then we had dinner, so I didn't get to read much this hour. I did finish The Old Man and the Sea though.

I was not impressed.

At all.

I'm sure if I was reading it in English Class, I would have some really in depht analysis of it but I'm too creepy right now to even care that I don't remember the ending. I finished it like 5 minutes ago.

Two more hours for me. I hope to finish Through the Looking Glass, which will be tough since I have to entertain my sister until bedtime.

I can't do the mini challenge because it is dark outside. Really dark.


Sarah said...

Wow, you picked some doozies! I've never read Old Man and the Sea, but it sort of scares me. Great job!

Maree said...

Okay, that chicken sounds fantastic. I can't believe you're managing to do the readathon with three littlies ... I'm impressed!
Keep up the great work!

Maree said...

Okay, I totally mixed you up with another blogger (oops!) sorry about that; so ignore my first comment.
Chicken still sounds great, though!