Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekly Geeks #22

Step 1: Choose 3 Weekly Geeks, either from the Mr Linky below or from any of the Mr Linkies in any previous Weekly Geeks, and explore their archives. Try to choose at least one Weekly Geek you don’t know well.
Step 2: Looking through some of their oldest posts, find at least one that you really like from each of the three blogs.
Step 3: Write a post featuring these 3 bloggers, linking to the posts that you enjoyed, with a short blurb.
Step 4: Visit the WG #22 posts of two other Weekly Geeks from the Mr Linky below, and link to their posts at the bottom of yours.
Step 5: Come back and sign Mr Linky with the url to your specific WG #22 post, not just your general blog url.

Stop #1 Maree at this post: I have been thinking about my reading goals for this coming year. This year, it was to read actual literature that would make reading an actual experience, not just chick lit. This year I have decided that one of my goals will be to read at least one classic novel per month. I just figured I would go with the flow and pick whatever book sounds good that month, but this post made me realize that if I just go with the flow, I probably won't do it. So, look for my tentative 2009 classic novels list in the next few days! Such a simple post though but I overanalyze everything!

Her library let her take out 40 books because they were remodeling! I wonder how she got all them home! When I have an unusually large library stack, we have a blue tote bag with the library's name on it, and they always fit unless two of us get a whole bunch of books. Letting people take out mass amounts of books is what my library should have done when they moved into their new location over the summer a year ago. We were without a library for the summer so we had to order books online and have them sent to a teeny library in the next town over and pick up our books that came in once a week. BTW: Renay, I don't think you went overboard at all!

Stop 3: I can't link to the specific post, so here's Melody's blog: She posted this picture.

It's a water bridge! Oh my goodness that is soo cool!
In the sidebars of her blog, there are a few things that I have made a note to myself to check out, so thanks for those too!
I totally need to bloghop more often!


Maree said...

Thanks for the mention! :)
I'm already working on my classics list for 2009; I've really enjoyed doing it this year and I hope you do pick it up as well. :)

Anonymous said...

That is cool! Did the post say where the water bridge is?

Ali said...

Hi Sarah, I featured your blog on Worducopia!

Sarah said...

yes, the water bridge is in Germany

Sherrie said...

Oh thanks for that post. Have to go check out that bridge! Take Care!!