Friday, October 10, 2008

Westminster Abby by Micol Ostow

Yeah, so I lied.

I finished a book, but not 1984.

I've been really working at reading 1984. Some things about it I like, but it's definitely not a page turner. I really want to read this book, but it's really dragging me down.

I started another book to make things a little more excited.'s chick lit. It took me less than 24 hours to read, but was a welcome change. I read the another book in the SASS series, Getting the Boot, this July and enjoyed it. I'd love to be able to study abroad! I just found out there are more books in the series. I'm going to have to disobey my own rules and read them. I love to travel and one of my dreams is to live in France sometime.

Unlike Getting the Boot, Westminster Abby focused less on teenage popularity drama and focused more on Abby finding independence and herself. It was sweet, and easy read, and kept me entertained for a while.

Abby's parents send her to London to study abroad to get her away from her cheating boyfriend James. They are really overprotective and think she shouldn't be dating yet. They don't let her get out much and are really nosy about everything. In London, Abby learns to do things on her own and lives a little.

That's pretty much it.

The initial purpose of me getting this book was for the Read-A-Thon, but I was desperate. I'll have enough books though since I do not plan to read for the full 24 hours.

I'm in a major chick lit mood though. Does anyone have any suggestions of quick, fun, easy reads that aren't ALL about dysfunctional families and idiot boyfriends?

I'm chainging my rating system, by the way. I'm getting crazy with fraction ratings, so I'll do letter grades, like I get in school.

This one gets a B. I don't think you can really mess up a chick lit book.